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Which Suspension Brands Use Motorex Oils?

Which Suspension Brands Use Motorex Oils?

Posted in News By Shockcraft & Biken  31 March 2021 2:36:43 pm NZDT
Motorex Fork OilsFor 2021 both Cane Creek and Fox have joined Manitou and DT in filling forks and shocks with Motorex fluids.

•   Fox Racing Shox uses Motorex 4wt oil in its MY21 DHX2 and FLOAT X2 shocks.
•   Manitou has used Motorex Fully Synthetic 5W40 bath oil since 2003.
•   Cane Creek now uses Motorex 2.5 wt in the Helm forks and 4 wt in its Double Barrel shocks.
•   DT has used Motorex 5 wt oil from the mid 2000's.
•   Push Industries uses Motorex 10 wt in their 11-6 rear shocks & 5 wt in their HC97 fork damper.

Motorex 2.5 wt is the staple Motorex damper oil. Slippery enough for forks, enough heat capacity for shocks. It performs excellently in Rockshox Charger, Fox FIT/GRIP/GRIP2, DPX2/FLOATX2/DHX2 and more.
Same viscosity as Maxima 5 wt, Fox 5 wt etc.
Motorex 4 wt was a KTM/WP specific blend. It has been adopted by Fox and Cane Creek for shock usage. It is slightly thicker than 2.5 wt and can be used in all the same applications.
Motorex 7.5 wt is the ideal oil for Fox FLOAT inline rear shocks (including CTD, Boost-valve, DPS, RP etc). It matches the viscosity of Fox factory oils used in all MTB until about the mid 2010's where some split to Fox 5 wt.
Motorex Supergliss 68k is a fantastic lube oil which matches RS 0W30 bath oil for viscosity but clings and slides even better.
Motorex Supergliss 100k is the best lube oil you will ever find. Viscosity matches Fox 20 wt Gold.

If you're not sure which Motorex oil to use, check out Shockcraft's Fork Oil Selection Charts.

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