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Rim Tape & Sealant

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  1. Rim strip for the SUNringlé Mulefüt rims

    SUNringlé Part Code: 281-31868-K003 Learn More
  2. Pack of two valve, two bottles of tubeless sealant

    SUNringlé Part Code: 281-32184-K001 Learn More
  3. STR Tubeless Rim Tape (SUNringlé)

    From: US$14.34

    To: US$61.40

    STR tubeless tape to keep your SUNringlé wheels air tight and tube free One 10 metre roll is enough tape for one wheelset Learn More
  4. 2 ounce bottle of SUNringlé tubeless sealant
    Also available as a pack of two bottles with valves here

    SUNringlé Part Code: 98-32183

    Learn More

Set Descending Direction

4 Item(s)