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About Biken

Biken Distribution has grown from all the brands and products at Shockcraft that aren't strictly suspension, and includes a special focus on quality kids' MTB products.  We have taken high quality biking components from all corners of the globe to fill specific needs and made them available with the support and service you expect from us.

We have also mixed in useful product from a range of other distributors, to complement our own.

Biken is run from the same people and place as Shockcraft.
Kids' MTBBiken - Big Kids' MTB

Our Brands


Hayes Brakes

ProTaper Cockpit

SUNringlé Wheels

Motorex - Oils of Switzerland


We distribute four brands from Hayes Bicycle:
•   Manitou suspension (MTB since 1991) through Shockcraft
•   Hayes Brakes (MTB since 1996) through Biken
•   ProTaper bars and stems (originally Answer) through Biken
•   SUNringlé wheels (originally SUN rims, Ringlé Hubs & Wheelsmith Spokes) through Biken

Motorex Bike products are distributed in NZ by Shockcraft & Biken.  We also import products from Motorex's other extensive product portfolio to fill niche uses, including their Supergliss lubricating oil and SwissClean degreasers.

The Motorex range includes suspension fluids, lube oils, greases, brake fluids, carbon and anti-seize paste, solvents and cleaners.  All produced and tested to exacting Swiss standards.  Perfect for home workshop, commercial workshop and used by race teams worldwide.

Monocrome is our own brand of products that spin or have parts that spin: bottom brackets, bearings, headsets, bushings.

All Monocrome products are designed by our engineer (bottom brackets) or carefully source and selected from trusted suppliers (bearings, bushings, headsets).

Other Brands

Slickoleum - Suspension Grease
Real World Cycling - Tools & kits
Enduro - Bearings & Seals

Our Customers

We supply both retail and trade customers, throughout New Zealand and internationally.  Retail customers may purchase as a guest or create an account here.  Dealers may create an account or login here to access dealer pricing.  Information on requirements for a dealer login are available here.

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