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Bleed Kits & Tools

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  1. Feeler gauge tool for brake setup
    Accurately sets caliper alignment to rotor
    Folds away for storage

    Hayes Part Code: 98-23972

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  2. Pro Bleed Kit with DOT 4 Fluid (Hayes)


    Available on backorder

    DOT 4 bleed kit for all Hayes brakes except Radar
    Includes luer-lock syringes, M5 bleed fittings, tubing, brass olives, 118 cc of Hayes DOT 4 oil & a bleed block
    Comes in a tough reusable Sterilite container

    Hayes Part Code: 98-23572

    Fluid and fittings also work with other brakes using DOT 3,4 or 5.1 fluid and standard M5 fittings

    Do not use this kit with mineral oil brakes Learn More

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2 Item(s)