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Bike of the Month & Newsletter October 2023

Bike of the Month & Newsletter October 2023

Posted in News Bike of the Month By Shockcraft & Biken  20 October 2023 11:47:24 am NZDT

Bike of the Month, October 2023

Bike of the Month October 2023Transition Smuggler with Ready Mix Tuned Mattoc Pro 2023

Where do Californian's go to get the best suspension in the world?

They come to Shockcraft in Alexandra, New Zealand.

Take the best Trail fork available, then apply Shockcraft Ready-Mix tuning to valve the damper to your weight, bike geometry and riding.

It's light, it's stiff, it's got the best air spring and best damper in the industry. It's also ultra reliable.

Galen's Feedback:

As a lighter rider (60kg) I've had to choose between grip and support on previous forks; run it soft enough to generate traction on our slippery loose-over-hard surfaces and blow through the travel as soon as things get rowdy or dial in the support and deal with Bambi-on-ice lack of traction and rattling eyeballs in fast chunk.

Shockcraft's Pick-and-Mix tune did away with that for me and now I have traction AND support.  Additional benefits include less hand fatigue and no more eyeball-rattle in fast chunder which has been amazing.  The suggested settings got me 90% of the way to where I wanted to be and it was quick work to dial in the settings further.  Turnaround was quick, communication was good and I have no hesitation recommending Shockcraft's work!

Clemens Kaudela at Redbull Rampage

October 2023 Newsletter

Read October 2023 Newsletter

In this issue:

•   Service Status, New Suspension Tech & New Stickers
•   Tales From The Scrapyard
•   Rockeater Tunes for Downhill
•   Bike Wanaka Deans Bank 6 Hour Race
•   Special Prize for Oldest Suspension
•   RS Charger 3 Tuning
•   Mud Maidens Enduro
•   Back To The Reverse Arch
•   Hayes Dominion LE Purple Add-On
•   Interesting Service Jobs Since Last Time
•   Things Our Customers Say
•   Bike of the Month - Transition Smuggler with Ready Mix Tuned Mattoc Pro
•   Videos - Red Bull Rampage On Hayes Brakes

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