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Handlebars & Grips

ProTaper JUnit Bars & GripsProTaper's product development team set out to design a system for kids, using high-quality and high-performance components.  They went full gas into developing a legit line of youth products, reflecting and sharing attributes, ride quality, and performance functions built for adult riders, now optimized for kids.

ProTaper's engineering team began by researching anthropometric data from a NASA
database. They determined the average hand size of a 6-10 year old, which set the team into motion.  Normally, grip diameter is a result of adding material to a standard handlebar size.  For the JUnit ProTaper handlebar system, ProTaper flipped the script.  They began by determining the ideal grip diameter, and worked inward.  The result is a handlebar and grip that’s ideal for a smaller ergonomic profile.  JUnit ProTaper handlebar and grip are designed to be used together.  For an element of added safety, the grip utilizes a built in bar plug that will never fall out.  The JUnit ProTaper handlebar system works with all existing shifters and brakes, as the JUnit ProTaper grip features a standard component mounting diameter.

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  1. JUnit Bars & Grips (ProTaper)


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    ProTaper 7050 aluminium bars with grips for junior riders
    720 mm width, cut-lines for easy width reduction
    31.8 mm clamp diameter, 15.6 mm end diameter
    1/2" rise, 1° upsweep, 8° backsweep
    Includes 22 mm diameter ProTaper Youth Grips (lock on)
    Grips have a 22 mm hard section for fitment of standard brake and shifter clamps

    Protaper Part Code: 361-36986-K001

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  2. JUnit Handlebar (ProTaper)


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    ProTaper JUnit aluminium handlebars for junior riders

    Bar only - Buy grips separately.
    Designed for use with JUnit 22mm Standard or 27mm Intermediate Grips
    Cut marks provide a range of width options
    Unique design where shifters & brakes clamp onto the grip extension to allow a smaller grip for smaller hands

    Width: 680 mm
    End Diameter: 15.6 mm
    Clamp Diameter: 31.8 mm
    Up Sweep:
    Back Sweep:
    Material: 7050 Aluminum
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  3. JUnit Standard Grips to fit the JUnit Handlebars
    Designed for small hands
    Grips only
    22 mm outside diameter
    Also available in 27 mm outside diameter (JUnit Intermediate Grips)

    ProTaper Part Code: 361-36986-K002 Learn More
  4. JUnit Intermediate Grips to fit the JUnit Handlebar
    Grips only
    Designed for small hands
    27 mm outside diameter
    Also available in 22 mm outside diameter (JUnit Standard Grips)

    ProTaper Part Code: 361-36986-K005 Learn More

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4 Item(s)