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MonocromeMonocrome is our own brand of products that spin or have parts that spin: bottom brackets, bearings, headsets, bushings.

All Monocrome products are designed by our engineer (bottom brackets) or carefully source and selected from trusted suppliers (bearings, bushings, headsets).

Silent & Smooth Monocrome Bottom Brackets

Designed, engineered & tested in New Zealand., Monocrome bottom brackets use standard tools and are fully rebuildable.  CNC Storm Drains optional.  
Steel, Stainless or Ceramic Hybrid Bearings.

Available versions:
Screw-fit 41 mm for Press-fit BB86 & BB92

Screw-fit 46 mm for Press Fit PF30

BSA Threaded for Shimano, FSA & GXP

Monocrome Bearings & Bushings

We have the bearings and bushings you need to keep a mixed fleet of bikes running - suspension, wheel, bottom bracket and headset sizes.  Steel & stainless steel available with 6 month no questions asked guarantee.