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  1. Dualco Mini Grease Gun, screw-on.

    Grease Guns are perfect for one hand operation in tight spaces. These models are designed to be used with squeeze tube containers. Simply squeeze the tube to prime. All models will handle multi-viscous grades of lubricant.

    also available
    Motorex Grease Gun

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  2. Grease Gun 75 g (Motorex)


    In stock

    High quality USA made Dualco grease gun by Motorex
    Can be reloaded with any grease
    86 cc capacity
    Excludes grease

    Motorex Part Code: 305029 Learn More
  3. Pressurised pump spray bottle
    1 litre capacity
    For use with any Motorex cleaning products, including Swiss-Clean, Bike Clean, Easy Clean and Wheel Cleaner

    Motorex Part Code: 402246

    Not available for shipping outside New Zealand Learn More

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3 Item(s)