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Mud Maidens Tuning & Newsletter July 2023

Mud Maidens Tuning & Newsletter July 2023

Posted in News Bike of the Month By Shockcraft & Biken  7 July 2023 11:47:24 am NZST

Mud MaidensMud Maidens Tuning Prize Claimed

Mud Maidens is a Rotorua based women's ride & event group.  October last year we sponsored their Enduro.  We gave away Motorex product and service/tuning vouchers.  This week the tuning was claimed: Alex sent down her Marzocchi Z1 GRIP damper and we got to work.

The Z1 GRIP dampers are the same as the GRIP dampers found in the Fox 34, 36, 38 and 40 forks.

They have the standard problems: they're harsh and lack support.

This is made worse for #girlswhomtb because they tend to be on the ligher side.

Mud Maidens Tuned Marzocchi Z1

We strip the dampers down, improve the sealing, modify them to solve the harshness issues and re-shim to match the rider's weight, bike and riding style.

Tune targets are calculated out to be variations on ones we've test ridden.  They have more support than stock but without the harshness.  We also match rebound range and shape so you're not fighting an extreme end of adjustment.  It's all dyno tested to 2 m/s.

We send the dampers back pre-set with the adjusters where you need them.  For the GRIP we set the open position (1/2 turn from closed) to be where you need it.  Your next 1/4 turn is extra compression adjustment (i.e. pump-track) and the last is lockout.

The average girl who rides has a lot more to gain from suspension tuning than the average guy who rides.

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