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Feedback on Custom Tuned Fox 36 GRIP2 Forks

Feedback on Custom Tuned Fox 36 GRIP2 Forks

Posted in News By Shockcraft  25 September 2023 4:08:37 pm NZDT
Custom Tuned Fox 36 GRIP2A few weeks back we Custom Tuned Alex's Fox 36 GRIP2 forks.  You might spot him ripping down the Christchurch Adventure Park.  Before the tune, we could tell he was a bit skeptical but couldn't see any other good options. Now he's stoked and loving the new ride.

We took out the factory choke points, modified the damper to allow tuning and then tuned Alex's fork damper to match his weight, bike geometry, terrain and riding style.  Tuning targets are calculated and dyno verified.  He now has no harshness, better support, better bump eating and complete predictability.

Suspension tuning is a relatively small investment that makes the biggest difference you can make to a bike.  Alex weighed up the option of having his current fork tuned or buying new, but unless you buy a Mezzer, new suspension won't help.  Almost every suspension manufacturer has damper design and tune issues that result in harshness and a lack of support.  This means stock suspension runs rough at speed but still dives when you need support.

Information on our Fox 36 GRIP2 tuning & modifications is here.

Alex's ride impressions:
"F36 now feels A LOT plusher (less harsh) at speed on a bumpy chattery rocky trail (400-500m at 50-60 km/h).  I could normally throw my hands away into a trash bin as useless waste after this section before the tuning, now I just keep riding on.

Strong braking over well-developed brake-bumps before a turn now feels just like normal riding vs. "oh sh*t" panic state before.  I can now reach full travel, according to the o-ring.  No hard bottom outs happened. I have never visited the last quarter of the travel on this fork before, ever (no volume tokens installed).

The tuning price is not for everyone but still cheaper than buying a new fork which I already started to consider recently before I pulled the trigger on your service."

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