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Atherton Race Team Partners with Hayes Brakes

Atherton Race Team Partners with Hayes Brakes

Posted in News By Shockcraft & Biken  13 March 2023 12:41:07 pm NZDT
The Continental Atherton Race Team has partnered with Hayes Brakes for the Atherton Racing & Hayes Brakes2023 and 2024 race seasons. Slowing the Continental Atherton team down in an effort to make them faster on its face sounds like a strange objective but one that both Hayes and the entire Atherton organization are convinced will prove to be a winning strategy.

The team will primarily use the Dominion A4 brakes whose design and construction have made them perhaps mountain biking’s best kept secret.  Well thought out solutions such as a motorsports-inspired Two-Stroke dual port bleed system, Crosshair caliper alignment, a Kevlar reinforced hose, King Pin Pad Retention as well as the proprietary QuickBite2 engagement system make for not only unparalleled performance but also a user friendly and amazingly reliable system.

Having such technology atop the Atherton Racing crew will undoubtedly shed light on this fantastic secret and show the legions of riders looking for more in their time in the saddle the braking solution for them.

Brakes are such a vital piece of kit when you’re racing at top level. From our first test laps the riders were immediately impressed with the Dominion brakes and were super keen to work with Hayes for 2023 and 2024. - Tom Lloyd, Team Manager of Continental Atherton

Having the confidence to brake late can shave vital seconds from a race run. The whole team got comfortable with the change very quickly, and knew we could rely on these brakes to deliver. - Charlie Hatton, Continental Atherton rider

Learn More about the Hayes Brakes here.  Hayes Dominion A4 now in stock, A2 & Limited Edition T4 available on special order ex-USA.