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Bike of the Month & Newsletter September 2023

Bike of the Month & Newsletter September 2023

Posted in News Bike of the Month By Shockcraft & Biken  7 September 2023 11:47:24 am NZST

Bike of the Month, September 2023

Our spring bike of the month is a Santa Cruz Bronson belonging to Gavin, who's local to us in Alexandra.

As a lighter rider the stock suspension just doesn't work on the rocks we have here.

The fork is a Fox 36 with GRIP damper, rear shock is a Super Deluxe Air.  Mid-range suspension with fewer clickers tunes just as well to the same result as their more expensive cousins.

We installed a Vorsprung Tractive piston kit in the rear shock and run our own custom shim stacks (there are 6 shim stacks in these shocks), which are more playful and faster acting than most.  The fork had our Unharsh treatment to fix choke points before being reshimmed to give more compression support and a totally different rebound range to stock.

The best bit about local tuning is being able to test ride the bikes afterwards.  Even being ~20% heavier than Gavin this bike feels poppy, playful and planted.  As good suspension should.

September 2023 Newsletter

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•   We're Hiring - Suspension Technician Full Time
•   Mud Maidens Enduro
•   NZ World Champions
•   Charlie Hatton - Wins DH World Champs on Hayes
•   Hayes Dominion Brake Sale
•   Suspension Setup & Natural Frequency
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•   Customer Feedback - Fox 36 Tuning
•   DIY Service Parts Out the Door
•   Find Your New MTB Fork & Shock
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•   ProTaper Gold or Polished Black Bars
•   Bike of Month - Santa Cruz Bronson tuned both ends
•   Video - Erice van Leuven's winning Junior World Champs race run

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