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JUnit Brake Builder

Availability: Built to Order


Hayes' award winning Dominion Brake is a now a whole range
4 piston (A4), 2 piston (A2), with levers for large or small hands.

Piston caliper with cross-hair alignment
Flippable lever with reach adjustment
Option of Standard (BFL) or Small Form Lever (SFL; designed for smaller hands)
Small Form Levers are designed for anyone with smaller hands (not just junior riders) - Ellen at Shockcraft/Biken uses SFL on her Dominion brakes
Dead stroke is factory set
Pre-bled with 90 cm hose for front use
Uses DOT 5.1 fluid
Fits 74 mm post mount brackets and adapters
Works best with Hayes D series rotors
Stock brake hose is 5.5 mm diameter
For frames requiring a smaller diameter or longer hose we have the Jagwire brake hose (5 mm diameter, 3 metre length) & adapter option available
One 3 m Jagwire brake hose & quick-fit adapter kit is enough for one bicycle (brakes front & rear)

Use this brake builder to select the brakes, rotors, adapters that you need for easy fit to your bike

As low as: US$601.57


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Hayes Dominion A4

Making power is easy.  Making power with the right feel, that was Hayes' challenge.  Hayes did this by creating an all new system.

Dominion’s master cylinder is factory tuned for the shortest dead stroke possible and a crisp bite point.  The Dominion calipers utilize four (Dominion A4) or two (Dominion A2) pistons in the most structurally rigid design.  It features a cold-forged caliper and KingPin structural pad retention bolt.

With a motorsports inspired Two-Stroke dual port bleed system, industry leading DOT5.1 fluid and Kevlar hose, the hydraulic system is engineered for ultimate performance and easy maintenance.

Dominion A4 & A2 feature the proprietary QuickBite2 system for fast and consistent burnish, coupled with the Hayes D-Series rotor to manage the heat, with less braking noise.

Both the Dominion A4 and A2 are available with Standard (BFL) or Small Form Levers (SML; designed for smaller hands).

Hayes Dominion A4 FeaturesHayes Dominion A4 FeaturesHayes Dominion A4 Features